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Today, Benify is a truly independent, flexible, and agile global technology company with 1,500+ customers and over 2 million users around the world. We are proudly independent with a flat hierarchy. We are flexible and agile, with over 250 problem solvers in our product and development team.

An angry customer mentioned, "Benify's is one of the buggiest apps I've ever had the displeasure of using. Also constantly tries to sell you stuff you don't want in notifications and redundant pages before getting to the content you want."


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Unit Secretary (Current Employee) says

"Management is unprofessional and rude. The doctors are mean and they don’t care what comes out of their mouth. I would not work for Barnes Jewish Hospital Cons: Management, favoritism and race descrimination"

Outpatient Coder (Former Employee) says

"I was hired in because BJC bought tge hospital I was working for. I did enjoy the pay raise from the old hospital, but I didn't like how you felt isolated from your co-workers. Cons: Conatant supervisor changes, they weren't really for helping their employees."

Former employee (Current Employee) says

"This is not a great place to work. The entire leadership team is trash. There is a lot of favoritsm/prejudice, and the environment is very unwelcoming Cons: Poor leadership"

Talent Services Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Typical day at work is work load (high). Very toxic, hostile environment, micromanagement. Hardest part of the job getting candidates to comply with requirements. Cons: Work load high, no support, low pay, micromanaging, and poor management"

PSR-Patient Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Not a good places to work at the location where I worked, AT ALL."

RN (Current Employee) says

"Bjc is all about could care less about their employees. They couldn't care less if their nurses are happy. Work them to the bone and as short on staff as possible so management gets their bonuses. RUN FROM THIS PLACE Cons: They are all about the money"

Family Nurse Practitioner (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management. No support from supervising MD, no communication. Work hours far exceeded 40 hours, the pay was poor. The benefits were poor. Didn’t have proper equipment for job. Cons: No breaks, long hours"

Mental Health Technician (Former Employee) says

"No one has your back."

Registered Nurse (Former Employee) says

"After working at Memorial Hospital Belleville, for many years. I came to the conclusion that despite numerous efforts to advance, it was never going to happen. The lack of diversity in middle and upper management is appalling. For this to be the year 2020, and not have more diversity amongst leadership is devasting to the workers, patients and community alike. The company speaks of it's devotion to maintaining a diverse workplace. While in fact, the majority of workers of color, are not in administrative roles, but helping roles. This is how things were when I began my Health care career many years ago. Unfortunately at this hospital. It remains the status quo. If all are alike, how can innovation and respect for others' cultures thrive? It doesn't at Memorial Hospital Belleville. To state that this is a travesty to the residents' of Belleville and its neighboring communities, is an understatement."

Paramedic (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this place like the plague. Poor management"

Cook/Prep (Former Employee) says

"BJC was a horrible work experience. I was so happy when they fired me. I felt that my department wasn't supportive of the staff. I always felt that I was judged and watched and never appreciated. The pay sucked, they didn't pay time and a half for overtime. I'm have over forty years experience and what they paid me was insulting, considering the amount of stress they put me through each day. BJC was a horrible company to work for"

Charge and Staff Nurse / Mental Health Tech (Current Employee) says

"They are the lowest paid place I have ever worked for being a magnet hospital. They do not give fair compensation and not interested in hearing about it."

IS Desktop Support Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Worked a contract position there. BJC at this location lack leadership alot of questions regarding future. Staff kinda left in the dark regarding direction of the hospital."

PSR - Patient Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management did not respect working hours and felt as if they could change them daily and expected you to abide. Manager had favorites and if you were not one then you were treated like trash."

Crew Member (Current Employee) says

"There is no room for advancement unless who you know then if you are part of the buddy system. They will take time to groom you and give you the ends and out, Always remember employees don't have a voice and management don't give a dam they play like they do. Cons: Management Sucks"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Micromanagement is par for the course. Be prepared to prove every little thing you want to improve to management. After BJC fired 130+ people in one night in the IT dept. all major projects were put on hold. One by one, the gurus quit and nobody was hired to replace them. The new CEO, CIO, and VP in shared services (IT dept) would rather outsource all of IT than hire/promote full-time employees. Tech-mahandra (Spelling?) was hired to 100% replace the IT security team and they did. Then all of security was fired. Cons: Micromanagement"

Suburban surgical associates (Former Employee) says

"Its not what you know to succeed. Its who you know. This office is horrible. The staff will destroy anyone they dislike. The management team didnt do anything. They were intimidated by the staff and doctors. Don't work in this office! Bjc is a great company. This office will make you second guess your decision. Cons: Managers and staff"

Medical imaging Tech (Former Employee) says

"This could be a great place to work. Considering the wide area of communities it services. The management team is hand picked Cons: There is little to no promtions wuth this company. There is no diversity in managementdi"

Supply Distribution (Former Employee) says

"Worst decision in my job career to join this company. HR and management sell advancement at hire, never happens because 32 people have left out of 18 employees in department in a year! Extremely terrible management that continues hiring unqualified personnel, and will not advance current personal. NO ADVANCEMENT AND HORRIBLE MANAGEMENT! Cons: Advancement and management"

Parking Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Don't get me wrong Barnes Jewish Hospital could be a very fulfilling place to work. However, just not when you're doing valet. The job is very stressful and unorganized. There are a lot of snitches in the department that will tell on you for any little thing. I run out of fingers and hands counting up how many people have quit this job because of how poorly it's ran.You have to continuously be outside rain, sleet, or snow while those in a higher position than you get to sit inside of the buildings and do nothing. Management will take about thirty smoke breaks a day while work is getting backed up. The tips would be a plus but you have to literally run in order to get keys and return a customer's vehicle. Those in management are not fit to do the job. They will make somebody with little to no experience a lead just off the fact of them being friends with them. Anybody can get hired really. They would hire an alligator if they could. The only way to survive this job is if you're considered a "favorite". They always need people to work overtime because they're always short staffed. Management is disrespectful and everybody there has secret relationships going on. Trust me!! You should run while you can because once you're hired they'll try to have you stuck there forever. They don't really like for people to transfer out of the department because it seems like they don't want to see anybody succeed. It's ridiculous and the people in HR never know what's going on because they don't take the time to come off of their thrones to know how the department is being ran. I sometimes can't Cons: Everything that has to do with valet"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Benify full-time Cons: Lack of professionalism, transparency, and authenticity: Managers praise and applaud you for your work in one minute, then switch it up in the next due to political motives (especially when they decide you should be fired for whatever reason). Out of nowhere, you receive critique without any valid arguments but flimsy statements like ‘we are not sure you are the right fit’. On a regular basis, you will find out about people getting fired without proper communication and transparency from management. Lack of good management and leadership: Bad-mouthing former and current colleagues in front of the entire team are a way of exemplifying what is not wanted. Oftentimes you will hear managers advertising an open-door policy stating that you can approach them about anything, but when you do, you quickly realize how political everything is and how performance is reviewed in a highly subjective manner. Putting in long work hours daily is valued more than being efficient. If you do not get along with the ‘right’ people, you will not be promoted. Lack of fair compensation and work-life balance: Performance reviews are far from being objective and are primarily based on your manager liking you and how well you fit into the company’s mold. Sitting in the office long hours > efficiency. Lack of diversity: If you pitch your own ideas, suggestions on new processes or provide critical feedback on existing ones, which don’t match with the manager’s/company’s view, you end up on the blacklist. If you agree with everything that is said and done, you may have chances of belonging to the ‘inner circle’."

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Benify full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Where to start? Horrible management. They promise you many things during interviews: salary raises, opportunities... at first you believe in it, and then you realize the reality behind. If you're a woman: run. You'll be paid less and won't get the same opportunities. Ironic, for a Swedish company working in employer branding."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"I worked at Benify full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Do you value your mental health, your private economy and your career? Stay away from Benify. Oh yes, during the interview, they will dazzle you with career opportunities, a young and dynamic culture, big parties… But the reality of the job is quite different. Read between the lines and their “values”: “exceed expectations” and “think ahead” are really a mere pretext to work their employees to burnout. But there third value “show love”, has been taken little to seriously by some of the upper management towards female staff. Benify hires mostly juniors, pays them ridiculously low salaries, do not develop their people, and certainly doesn't ever raise their pay. Benify uses the self-esteem of their employee to keep the salaries low. Collectively, the group is praised for its "awesomeness”. In individual forums though, your manager will only point everything you do wrong to justify how you do not deserve a raise. In “performance appraisals”, I had things said to me that were extremely inappropriate. And since the company's vision and strategy goes from unclear to inexistent, and there are no tangible goals for you and your manager to objectively evaluate your performance. This opens the doors for your manager to criticize everything you do, and send you constant reminders of how much more you should be working. Inappropriate behaviors are not punished, and you will see managers bullying their employees getting promoted, again and again. This creates a culture of low self esteem and isolation among employees. It's not Benify, it's you. As a result, a worrying amount of employees are on sick leave for burnouts and you will not seldom see employees with red eyes walking the corridor of the jammed packed office. Are you a woman? Things get worse. Management consists almost exclusively of a “man’s club”. Promotions? Mostly men. Upper management? 90% men. Have you been the victim of inappropriate behavior? From what I've seen and experienced, chances are you will not be protected. Over the years, I have seen female colleagues being harassed by upper management during the conferences, where alcohol flows a little too much. Again, the same men were being promoted again and again, and women took the door. The turnover is getting high (which probably costs them more than paying their staff low), and although Benify claims its “culture of transparency”, only a selected part of the employee survey is made public and employees leaving are told to not send a good-bye e-mail to the entire company. It's bad. And certainly not worth it either economically or in terms of career development."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Benify full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Starting at the recruitment stage - this company will promise a lot when it comes to getting you on board. However as you start working you will realize that many of these promises were only words. You will struggle to get a competitive salary and you will not likely see that salary grow very much over the years. The company touts itself as being a modern employer and they try to portray themselves as a cool startup about to dominate the world. However you will realize that the company is struggling to grow as they just cannot manage to retain staff. Employee turnover is ridiculously high and employee satisfaction and confidence in upper management is very low (as is measured in the yearly employee survey). Upper management behavior is deeply unethical and incidents have occurred which middle management will be forced to struggle to silence, or to paint in a better light. Employees have been harassed (by upper management) in various ways, including but not limited to, sexual harassment. As a result people quit on very short notice and for unclear reasons. It is obvious that silence, from the part of the employee, is often purchased. The company generally do not invest in fundamental aspects such as leadership training which leads to managers themselves being ill equipped to handle situations such as sick leave and people burning out. The company claims they are experts in compensation and benefits management but interview one or two employees about what benefits they have at Benify and you will be surprised. It is certainly not the case of "live as you learn". My advice is strongly to stay away from this company under the current management."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Benify full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Bad leadership, unclear titles, stressful environment, low wages and the fact that alot of people quit or get fired within a short period of time."

Former Employee - Consultant says

"I worked at Benify full-time for more than a year Cons: No focus on business success, which makes it hard to do your work properly. Strong politics within the organisation."

Former Employee - Content Developer says

"I worked at Benify full-time for less than a year Cons: inconsistent management style, powerless HR"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Benify full-time for more than a year Cons: If you are NOT 22-32, you will be an outlier and may struggle to melt with coworkers. This company hires young and cheap, invites talent to work hard but pay is not appropriate. Maybe it is because most jobs do not require high education nor many years of experience, but the overall impression is that employees have not worked elsewhere much and so do not bring in an outside perspective. There is also little diversity. It's a boys club at the top. 1 female at executive level. Little to no opportunity for learning and development. No structured career ladder, no transparent pay ranges so one does not know if they are collecting a fair salary compared to a person in a similar position. Infact, it is often the case that similar jobs do not have similar pay."

Former Employee - Business Development says

"I worked at Benify full-time for more than 5 years Cons: -Employees are seen as resources instead of assets -Managers have little experience and are not supported with qualified training or mentorship -Lack of experienced senior managers who have been trained and mentored into their roles. -Managers are bosses and not leaders -Very hierarchal company (of which they are completely unawares) -Low employee retention. Many who want to mature and develop leave the company. -They do not invest in their employees. No qualified training, mentorship or development is offered. -Few real career opportunities -Low salaries and poor salary development -Many who start are disappointed that they job they thought they took is actually complete different. -A lot of administrative work -Employees have to fit their mould"

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